Friday, October 3, 2014


  "For Sail" is the first album (and only so far") by Denver based horror punks Captain Blood. 

  The record opens up with the energetic but overly long intro "Glow N The Dark" then goes into the more gothic feeling "Last Ride. Continuing through the record is very similar to a haunted house in the sense that it's a fun ride drenched in the blood of all things horror. Although the album does slow down for the almost love song "Dawn Of The Dead" which is as close to a ballad as you're gonna get. 

  Musically, it's punk stirred up in a cauldron of surf rock and the riffs similar of Calabrese. The stand out part here is due to (frontman) Markula. He forgoes the cliche swoon of Danzig for a more melodic style similar to that of Michale Graves. You'll definitely find yourself singing out loud.  

  One thing that they do right is capture the fun and humor of the genre. With songs such as "Where Are My Bones", the tale of a ghost that comes back to his  grave only to find his bones have been taken, to the purrfect "Black Cat". Plus, there's a song about The Toxic Avenger and c'mon, how can you not love that. 

  Are you looking for something to add to your Halloween playlist? Maybe something to tide you over while you wait for the Misfits to release something that doesn't suck (cough Devil's Rain cough)?  Then look no further. "For Sail" is available on iTunes for those outside of the Denver area. 

  Rating: 8 out of 10
  Notable Tracks:
    "Where Are My Bones"
    "Come Alive"

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