Saturday, October 4, 2014


  Every so often an album will come along, completely out of the blue, and remind me of why I love metal as much as I do. This third record by the Floridian Power Metallers is one such album. I discovered this on pandora radio ( my Kamelot station I believe it was) and I felt a shiver run down my spine.   

  What makes this album so different is the vocal work of Sabrina Valentine. Her voice is grandiose and melodic without delving into the over saturated opera stylings of most of her female peers. The melodies she creates are both memorable and unique as she breathes life into the songs. However some notes she hits do occasionally get obnoxious. This is especially apparent on the chorus of "Symphony Of Stars". Her voice really shows what it can do on the ballad "Kardia". It slows the record down enough for a quick break and some emotional depth. 

  The lyrics here are definitely game of thrones worship with the first song (after the intro) being about Bran Stark. A moment here that made me all to excited was the title track, which is about Khaleesi. It feels as if she is singing it herself to her deceased husband (read/watch the damn series). They even go so far as to have a spoken segment based on the series which is the albums biggest misstep as it adds a good amount of pm cheese to the record. 

  Instrumentally, the songs rarely distinguish themselves from one another but there is a thrash/power vibe akin to Iced Earth to add some much needed heaviness to it. They are all very good at the or instruments and surprisingly enough, all get time to demonstrate their abilities. 

  Honestly, I'd recommend this to any metal head to at least check out but definitely to any fan of PM. Hell, for the Game Of Thrones fan in us all its worth a listen or two...or twelve. It's been far to long since a record has hit me like this.  

  Rating: 9 out of 10
  Notable Tracks:
    "After The Fall"
    "The Fire Is Mine"
    "In The Twisted Twilight"

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